David Stepanczuk

Living and working in Japan since 1991.


Kansai University

From 2015

Teaches reading to fourth year students of various majors; and, communication skills to second year literature students.

Osaka City University

From 2009

Instructs speaking and listening courses to of various majors, at all levels.

Nara Womens University

2014 - 2015

Taught multiculturalism to students of the Department of Culture and Humanities. The purpose was to improve students' English to expand understanding of the outside world.

Kinki University

From 1998

Taught a wide variety of courses in all in most of the school's departments. First among part-time instructors to be granted an increase to maximum weekly koma (12)

Tezukayama University

1998 - 2014

Instructed EFL and education majors in public speaking, and debate & discussion

Tezukayama Womens College

1997 - 2003

(Full-time 1997 - 1999)
Responsible for instruction, assisted professors with research, resulting in published papers and presentations given; assisted with club activities; judged major speech contests.

Ritsumeikan University

1999 - 2001

Offered a tokunin position, declined due to existing responsibilities.

Kurdyla & Associates Co., Ltd.

From 2002

Instructed business courses and 1-day intensive programs at major Japanese corporations.


University of Southern Queensland

2006 - 2010

M.Ed, Education Technology. GradCertTSL, TEFL. Invited to join Golden Key International Honor Society, for students in the top 15% of their graduating class.

University of Illinois

1982 - 1984

MFA, Fine Art Painting & Drawing. Recognized as an outstanding instructor.

David English House (Oxford University Press)


Earned certificate for teaching EFL to Japanese Student

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